CPR & AED Training

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Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the United States. If life-saving measures like CPR are performed, a person’s chance of survival increases to 80%. Even though CPR and AED training is readily available, only 18% of Americans have kept up to date on their training. L3 is motivated to change this statistic and train and certify as many people of all age groups in CPR and AED. This will lower the fatality rate for sudden cardiac arrest.

Meet Our Instructors

Jason Heller

Mr. Heller has had a long career as an Emergency Medical Service manager and educator since 1996. He was first certified in CPR in the 1990’s and became certified as an EMT instructor in 2006. Jason has held positions such as Deputy EMS Chief, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, and a Lead HazMat Technician on a country-wide CBRNE response team throughout his professional EMS career.

Bob Stickel

Mr. Stickel is the President of LifeSavers, Inc., which he founded in 1992. He has over 18 years of experience as an EMT and 20 years of experience as an American Heart Association instructor. Currently, Mr. Stickel participates in the Bloomfield Volunteer Emergency Squad and is a certified instructor for the Community Emergency Response Team.


Thank you to All Who Participated!

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